Kalele Kai condominium - Hawaii Kai, Honolulu Hawaii USA
  Kalele Kai - Hawaii Kai Condominium, Honolulu, Hawaii USA
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Association Documents

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House Rules

Community Garden Agreement 2020
House Rules January 2023

By Laws

By Law
Amendment purchase unit
Amendment 514B


1st Amendment, Parking Stalls
2nd Amendment, Marina Zoning
3rd Amendment, Penthouse Units
5th Amendment, Parking, revised
6th Amendment, Docks
7th Amendment, Docks
8th Amendment, Docks
9th Amendment, Lease Restriction
Parking, Units 1208 & 1301
Parking, Units 3106 & 3112
14th Amendment, Docks B2-B6
15th Amendment, Docks
Parking, Units 2309 & 2402
16th Amendment, Dock B18
18th Amendment, Dock B34
20th Amendment, Dock B18
21st Amendment, Docks B20-B22
22nd Amendment, Docks B23 & B34
28th Amendment, Dock B13
29th Amendment, Dock B55
Opt into 514B
10th Amendment, Dock Relocation
Driveway Maintenance & Use Agreement
30th Amendment, Dock B55
Kayak Storage Racks
31st Amendment, Dock B6
32nd Amendment, Docks B4-B5
4th Amendment Penthouse units revised
33rd Amendment, Boat Dock B18

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation


Master Policy 2023 - 2024


Landscape Architect Report 2015


Package Acceptance
Vehicle Registration
Key Indemnification
Key Release
Move In/Out
Boat Registration
Assistance Animal
Cabana Reservation Form
Pet Registration Form
Kayak, Paddleboard & Surfboard Storage Use Agreeme
Unit Registration Form
Bicycle Registration
EV Charging Station Application
Apartment Alteration Application


Complaint for Trial De Novo
Acknowledgment of Service
Motion to Dismiss
Motion to Dismiss - Exhibits 1 & 2
Motion to Dismiss - Exhibits 3 & 4
Motion to Dismiss - Exhibits 5 & 6
Amended Complaint
Motion for Determination
Motion for Confirming Award
Motion for Summary Judgment
Motion to Strike
Assn Memo to Dismiss Complaint for Trial De Novo
Assn Reply Support MFD of Stay
Assn Reply Support MFD of Stay, Exhibit G
Assn Reply Support MFD of Stay, Exhibit H
Assn Oppose Def Motion for Award
Assn Oppose Def Motion for Award, Exhibits A-G
Assn Oppose Def Motion for Award, Exhibits H-M
Assn Oppose Def Motion for Award, Exhibit N
Assn Oppose Def Motion for Award, Exhibits O-P
Oppose Motion for Service
Reply in Support of Motion
Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law
Notice of Appeal
Order Granting Motion
Order for Counterclaim
Motion for Atty Fees
MIO to Stay Injunction
MIO to Motion to File Amended CounterClaim
MIO Exhibit A & B
MIO Exhibit C
MIO to Motion for Reconsideration
MIO Exhibit A
MIO Exhibit B-D
MIO to Mtn to Stay
MIO to Mtn to Stay, Exh A-C
MIO to Mtn to Stay, Exh D
MIO to Mtn to Stay, Esh E
Reply Memo (Mtn to Dismiss Appeal)
Submission of Attys Fees
MIO to Dismiss, Lack of Jurisdiction
Ord Denying Mtn for Recon
Order Awarding Atty Fees
Order Denying Motion to File Amend
Order Granting Costs against Yoshikawa
Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction
Order Denying Yoshikaway Mtn to Stay Inj
Appeal of Summary Judgement
Ex Parte Motion
Reply Memo in Support of Motion
Jurisdictional Statement
Answering Brief, 1
Answering Brief, 2
Answering Brief, 3
Answering Brief, 4
Reply Brief
Dismissing Appellate Ct Case
First Amended Final Judgment
ICA Yoshikawa Opening Brief
ICA Kalele Kai Answering Brief

Condo Map

Bldg 1 & 2
Bldg 3
Town Home
High-Rise Unit Plans
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